Supplements for Menopause

There are a variety of supplements available to take at the time of menopause, many of which are listed below.

For Hot flushes and night sweats, perhaps the most common and the longest of symptoms, varying in degrees of severity, use Black Cohosh : this herb is part of the buttercup family and has been used for years, it helps stimulate oestrogen where needed in the treatment of menopausal symptoms as well as flushes it is known to increase Serotonin levels improving low libido, depression and anxiety.

Black Cohosh Tablets
Why not try Black Cohosh for Menopause? Popular in the USA Black Cohosh is believed to relieve a variety of symptoms associated with the menopause (such as hot flushes and hormonal imbalance). It is even thought to increase ’serotonin’ levels.

Take 1 or 2 daily, only £14.99 for 360 tablets or £4.99 for 60 tablets

Agnus Castus Capsules Studies reported in the British Medical Journal have shown the value of Agnus Castus in the treatment of Pre-Menstrual Tension/Syndrome. Its hormone regulating effect is also useful in the peri-menopause.

Take 1 daily – £4.99 for 60 capsules or just £15.99 for 360 capsules.

A non hormonal herb, Sage is used for hot flushes and night sweats, it acts directly on the the action of the sweat regulating mechanism in the brain, working to balance the body’s thermostat.

Sage Extract 400mg 180 Tablets

Distinctively fragrant and silvery green in colour the Sage plant is most commonly found in the area around the Mediterranean in regions of North America and in many great British recipes. The benefits of Sage are not just culinary though.

Take 1 daily – just £12.99 for 180 tablets or £4.99 for 60.


China has the oldest recorded culture and medical history in the world. Herbal formulations were used well before this date and many pharmacopoeias have been written and revised over the centuries.During the Ming Dynasty many of the old imperial herbal remedies where reformulated, some ingredients removed others added, strengths and variations, until the optimum results were obtained.The cultivated herbs where grown under strict controls and documented in the pharmacopoeias to aid identification and usage. Today the herbal approach has once again found its place in modern alternative medicine. Our bodies need protection from disease, environmental change, pollution as well as processed and poor quality food. The extra nourishment of our body is essential.

Supplementing the Endocrine system

To nourish the system and to maintain good health, these individual glands highlight their important functions. At the time of hormonal change an Endocrine supplement taken daily may maintain youthful vigour, strength and improve health and the ability to combat disease, as a result slowing down the ageing process. A natural herbal formulation enhances Chi and increases general balance in the body and encourages a sense of well being.

Read more on the Endocrine System here.


  1. alison fisher said:

    April 5, 2011 @ 5:09 pm

    my depression got worser in 2008 which was the first time my periods my periods become iregular which stopprd me going for a xray to see what was causing my indegestion which they would not do with out me menstrating what they could see what was wrong me i had immflamation of the lower bowl . any way i asked why im not having periods my gp said femlen can stop my periods now im getting older im not not menopausel. i was 37 then and sufferd from since 1995 since the birth of my twins i sufferdfrom mild depression. im 40 now i still suffering with severe depression and anxiety 3 year down line and no medications my phychartrist prescribed me has worked he though decided in december that im treatment resisdent depression but he wont change my medicatioen which has made more depressed i have tried to help my self find to do other thing.doing compusters that hasnt made me better now my twins are 15 with there own mind and views they wont be told,doing work experience and want go places them selfs i cant cope there not litttle boys nowhere and one day leave home i feel in shock all the time in my husband says im not menopausel my doctor says so..this maybe that why my anti depressants wont work hes giving me the wrong thing

  2. Samantha Marcus said:

    March 5, 2016 @ 6:14 am

    Please please please email me…unless you feel cured since this post!
    Read my Instagram pages first to feel safe, reassured about me..

    I would love to help you, I’ve been a PT for fifteen years, with 80% of my contents in their pre /peri stages of menopause, I’ve just completed a course on exercise and nutrition for menopausal women…it’s people they are experiencing the same feelings as yourself is whom I’d love to help


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