HRT how long should itake it !

Question :-I wonder if anyone can help me.I’m 44 and was put through the menopause when I was 29, then had a complete hysterectomy .I’ve been on premerim 125mg. I look ten years older and feel it, if I knock myself it seems amplified and I bruise very easily

I’m also very lethargic, worry about the length of time I’ve been on HRT but my GP says  I need to take it probably for the rest of my life, but I’m forever hearing and reading that you shouldn’t take it indefinitely.any advice greatly appreciated.

Reply:- With the advancement of treatments It would be advisable to seek a second opinion, ask for a referral to a consultant regarding the length of time you have been on HRT.   Also perhaps further investigation into your health  A Thyroid check too.

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