Exclude Poison foods.

Question:-I am 54 yrs. old and I think I am thru with the night sweats and mood swings however the vaginal itching never goes away. I have tried Monostat and Vagisil even a prescription from my Dr. but everything works in short spirits and the itching in and around the area continue. I have had this problem for over 2 yrs. and sometimes scratch to tear the skin I am constantly in pain from the open skin that I am embarrassed to even have a relationship…by the way I even divorced over this problem thinking it might be an std even after the Dr. confirmed it wasn’t. I am at my wits end please help…I am not on any meds at this time.

Reply:- Look at your diet. As we get older out intolerance to foods get worse, we may have eaten a product for years but are actually allergic to it, i.e. breakfast cereal.  The Blood Group diet is especially good for checking what  your own Blood group may tolerate or foods that act as  Poison’s. The absorption & utilization of yeast, wheat and alcohol in the gut may  cause allergic reactions, and will stay until starved of its source, showing themselves with different symptoms. Itching soreness etc

It is worth trying an exclusion diet, try wheat first

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