Eat right for YOU

With so many diets around its very difficult to choose what is right for you. !
so in the coming months we will be looking at those in the news, how effective they are and how you health & well being has benefited.
So, if you have tried a diet and found it works for YOU, pleaseĀ  leave your comments

Food writer Anjum Anand uses the ancient Indian medical system Ayurveda to help aid weight loss and fight illness
What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda means ‘science’ or ‘knowledge of life’. Ayurveda has been usedĀ  to create a way of keeping health issues at bay through a clever use of herbs, diet and lifestyle choices. Ayurveda is part of an ancient Indian culture, based around meditation, energy and nature. It is a holistic science that believes in the unity of mind, body and soul – meaning if one area is ill, others can be affected. For example, stress can trigger an ulcer or hair loss. Ayurveda addresses the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

Ayurveda? is it the diet for you

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