Diet in the menopause

Question:-I am 45 yrs old, for the past year my m-cycle has been very light, only about three days in length really, with various other symptoms that I can recognize that tell me I am starting or still on my m-cycle. However, the past three months I have had none of these symptoms or any bleeding to show for it. I did an in home pregnancy test which appeared negative. I am active, and healthy with a relatively good diet too. My weight however is not where I need it to be and I can’t seem to lose any weight, I am 5?9? at 172lbs. I should be about 160. I seem to have lost muscle strength also as I am a cyclist that enjoys 20-30 mile rides but my legs just aren’t there. What kind of diet would you recommend for someone who wants to re-strengthen her muscles , lose weight, stay fit while going through this menopause thing?

Reply:- Consultation with a GP would be advised to see if there is any underlying cause for your weight gain and muscular problems.

Ask for  a Thyroid function test to eliminate an under active thyroid (weight gain)  as well as FSH levels to determine you menstrual status,? pre menopausal. Diet needs to be low in Glycemic Index, smaller regular meals to keep blood sugars steady and continue with exercise

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