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‘Fanfare of Fruit’ – Catch of the day – August the Best of British!

‘Fanfare of Fruit’ -Catch of the day  August the best of  British! Plentiful supplies of Blueberries raspberries gooseberries and greengages, with strawberries  still in plentiful supply are all packed, the fresher the better , with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Green vegetables are in abundance especially green beans,  courgettes, pak choi , cucumber spinach and peas […]

Seasonal Foods for May/The Best Of British !

This is the month for Asparagus and New potatoes  Asparagus, depending on the weather has its first picking  in  May when he spears are tender and succulent. Check out vegetables information How to prepare :-to bring out the true flavour roast in the oven with olive oil and cracked black pepper, Steamed, served with shavings […]

Cauliflower:- you either like it or hate it-but it’s good for you

Cauliflower:- you either like it or hate it …  Is one of several vegetables in the species of the Brassicaceae, produced from seed this produces a large white headed vegetable, the part eaten but the outer green leaves should not be discarded, they add colour to a sometimes pale but versatile vegetable.   Cauliflower is very […]

February:- root vegetables are healthy and plentiful.

February is wet & cold,  not the most inspiring month, but comfort British vegetables are at their best.   Either for  mashing, roasting and soups, potatoes are an all rounders, along with  celeriac, swede parsnip and carrots. Healthy greens, called brassica’s, include sprouts, broccoli, savoy cabbage, this month is the time for excellent purple sprouting […]

Seasonal Foods for October / Autumn Harvest

Seasonal Foods for October / Autumn Harvest Despite the increase in food prices there are lots of nutritious foods  for a nutritionally  balanced diet Look out for Apples , they contain Pectin aiding digestion, Pears, eaten on there own or cooked in red wine, gives health boosting flavonoids Watercress,  . Its peppery leaf is excellent […]

Foods of the Month – July

Having a good diet is essential for hormonal balance and there is no better way than to eat what is in season from around the country & your local farmers market. This months foods are:- Fruit– blueberries, a super food with the  highest antioxidant levels than any other fruit or vegetable, helping fight heart disease, cancer […]


Asparagus has been eaten as a vegetable for thousands of years. The earliest cultivation was by the Greeks and Romans around 200BC. Widely regarded as the most delicious of all vegetables, with both a soft and crunchy textures giving subtle and distinctive flavours. It was thought that asparagus was an expensive luxury vegetable, today it […]


Although a fruit and not a vegetable, the tomato is often classified this way. An excellent source of vitamins A and C, the uncooked fruit is a good source of vitamin E. The tomato is an antioxidant and has a high mineral content, containing potassium, calcium and other trace elements. Tomatoes are low in calories, […]


Broccoli has become popular nutritional vegetable in the last few years. Available throughout the year, it is an excellent vegetable containing a large profile of vitamins & minerals and is ideal for the modern woman of today, especially at the time of hormonal change. Colorful and easy to cook broccoli is available as heads, purple […]


Carrots are one of the best known and loved root vegetables. Orange in colour they originally came from Holland, where white and purple ones where also available, these are rare today. A versatile inexpensive year round vegetable, that has different flavours depending on how they are cooked. Young season carrots are sweet with an intense […]

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