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That Bloated Feeling

All of us at some time usually in the middle of the month have that bloated feeling, this may be due to hormonal in balance. To rectify this along with boosting your digestion a well balanced probiotic in the form of capsules or drink along a balanced diet goes a long way to solving this […]

Swollen stomach & urinary symptoms

Question-: I am 51 and over the last few months my periods have become erratic…last month it was spotting…month before that nothing…my stomach is swollen and so uncomfortable and I think I have a water infection….I’m getting worried is this normal for menopause? Reply-: The change of periods is normal , but the abdominal discomfort […]

Painful sex

Question-: I am 53 year old woman who had the menopause 3 years ago. Sex for me is very painful. as I am always very sore, Reply-: Dryness is a symptom of the menopause, use a  branded  lubricant, inserted prior to intercourse. Any discharge should be check by your GP

Contraception during the menopause.. YES

Question:-Could you please advise me on the types of contraception that can be used during the menopause. I was using the contraceptive injection before but have been told this is no longer advisable. Is there any other reliable contraception other than condoms. Reply-: As individuals it difficult to recommend. Seek the advice of your GP […]

Not the begining of the End

Question-: I am 48 and my period is overdue by nearly 4 weeks. this has never happened to me before, although I have been a few days late recently. could this be the menopause? I feel very anxious about it and am thinking about seeing the doctor for a hormone test. I feel so unwilling […]

Early menopause or not ! get checked out

Question-:I have just read through the symptoms of early menopause and I have 12 of them! most recently insomnia and bladder control. I’m just 40 but had a partial hysterectomy at 28 does anyone think I am going through it or am I just knackered! Reply-: Get yourself checked out, not knowing how partial …depends […]

Information …Information.. You are not Alone

Question-:I am 51and have been having irregular periods for about 3 to 4yrs they are down to 1 every three months, I have memory loss anxiety and have just started with hot flushes and night sweats, all symptoms have been a nightmare, know I am finding the mood swings quite scary I get to feel […]

Stress & the menopause

Question-: my last period was October 2008, I took soya isoflavines for a year and was fine. Over the last year I have been sweatier,eating less due to fullness and loosing weight, after a shocking time recently, I find I seem to suddenly have hot /cold sweats, numb feet, head disengaged, no concentration, I don’t […]

Eat right for YOU

With so many diets around its very difficult to choose what is right for you. ! so in the coming months we will be looking at those in the news, how effective they are and how you health & well being has benefited. So, if you have tried a diet and found it works for […]

Oedema & night sweats ! may not be the menopause

Question-: I’m 49 and having some night sweats so I am assuming the menopause has started. I am worried by oedema particularly in my breasts (swollen & tender), abdomen and hands & feet. My hands ache in the morning particularly. Should I take diuretics? Reply:- Night sweats can indicate  the start of the menopause, but […]

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