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Anti Ageing foods

Anti Ageing foods Taken in average portions, 5 servings of anti-oxidant foods per day. Blueberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, Tea: green or white: 4 cups a day. Red Wine or Dark Grape Juice: 1 glass a day. Spices: cinnamon, turmeric, paprika, cayenne pepper, rosemary, ginger. Fibre including beans, brown rice, whole grain pasta and breads. […]

Rhubarb January Fruit -helps hot flushes

Rhubarb is a bright red short, thick stalked fruit with large green leaves, only the stalks are edible. First discovered in china & used medicinally The practice of forcing rhubarb began in the 19th Century when a Chelsea gardener place a chimney pot over one of his plants . The result was a beautifully tender, […]

‘Fanfare of Fruit’ – Catch of the day – August the Best of British!

‘Fanfare of Fruit’ -Catch of the day  August the best of  British! Plentiful supplies of Blueberries raspberries gooseberries and greengages, with strawberries  still in plentiful supply are all packed, the fresher the better , with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Green vegetables are in abundance especially green beans,  courgettes, pak choi , cucumber spinach and peas […]

Seasonal Foods for May/The Best Of British !

This is the month for Asparagus and New potatoes  Asparagus, depending on the weather has its first picking  in  May when he spears are tender and succulent. Check out vegetables information How to prepare :-to bring out the true flavour roast in the oven with olive oil and cracked black pepper, Steamed, served with shavings […]

Brazil Nuts Seasonal Healthy Eating

Brazil nuts are associated with Christmas time, but eaten all year around they are an  excellent source of Selenium,  Magnesium and Thiamine, The Brazil nut trees can reach a height of 60 metres and over 2 metres diameter, known for  over 1000 years of age.The hard case or pod contains lots of seeds,that can be  […]

Foods of the Month – July

Having a good diet is essential for hormonal balance and there is no better way than to eat what is in season from around the country & your local farmers market. This months foods are:- Fruit– blueberries, a super food with the  highest antioxidant levels than any other fruit or vegetable, helping fight heart disease, cancer […]

Fruit for Diabetics

Question:-Is mango good for diabetics and what are the fruits good for diabetics Reply:- Mango and  melons are high in sugar or Glycemic Index, therefore it is advisable not to eat frequently and in large amounts, but include in your daily 5 any of the following low GI  fruits include, apples pears peaches plums and […]


Melons come in various shapes and sizes, there seasons vary,but are normally available year round from Costa Rica and Spain to Morocco. An easy and convenient fruit, largely comprising of water, it is an excellent quick snack, starter or dessert, especially for those watching their calorie intake. A variety of dishes can be served according […]


Although a fruit and not a vegetable, the tomato is often classified this way. An excellent source of vitamins A and C, the uncooked fruit is a good source of vitamin E. The tomato is an antioxidant and has a high mineral content, containing potassium, calcium and other trace elements. Tomatoes are low in calories, […]


Oranges are the one of the most popular citrus fruits available today. It comes ready packaged to protect the juicy flesh, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are high in vitamin C which is essential to the health of our immune system, strengthening the action of the white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria […]

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