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Swollen stomach & urinary symptoms

Question-: I am 51 and over the last few months my periods have become erratic…last month it was spotting…month before that nothing…my stomach is swollen and so uncomfortable and I think I have a water infection….I’m getting worried is this normal for menopause? Reply-: The change of periods is normal , but the abdominal discomfort […]

Painful sex

Question-: I am 53 year old woman who had the menopause 3 years ago. Sex for me is very painful. as I am always very sore, Reply-: Dryness is a symptom of the menopause, use a  branded  lubricant, inserted prior to intercourse. Any discharge should be check by your GP

Contraception during the menopause.. YES

Question:-Could you please advise me on the types of contraception that can be used during the menopause. I was using the contraceptive injection before but have been told this is no longer advisable. Is there any other reliable contraception other than condoms. Reply-: As individuals it difficult to recommend. Seek the advice of your GP […]

Not the begining of the End

Question-: I am 48 and my period is overdue by nearly 4 weeks. this has never happened to me before, although I have been a few days late recently. could this be the menopause? I feel very anxious about it and am thinking about seeing the doctor for a hormone test. I feel so unwilling […]

Early menopause or not ! get checked out

Question-:I have just read through the symptoms of early menopause and I have 12 of them! most recently insomnia and bladder control. I’m just 40 but had a partial hysterectomy at 28 does anyone think I am going through it or am I just knackered! Reply-: Get yourself checked out, not knowing how partial …depends […]

Information …Information.. You are not Alone

Question-:I am 51and have been having irregular periods for about 3 to 4yrs they are down to 1 every three months, I have memory loss anxiety and have just started with hot flushes and night sweats, all symptoms have been a nightmare, know I am finding the mood swings quite scary I get to feel […]

Stress & the menopause

Question-: my last period was October 2008, I took soya isoflavines for a year and was fine. Over the last year I have been sweatier,eating less due to fullness and loosing weight, after a shocking time recently, I find I seem to suddenly have hot /cold sweats, numb feet, head disengaged, no concentration, I don’t […]