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Oedema & night sweats ! may not be the menopause

Question-: I’m 49 and having some night sweats so I am assuming the menopause has started. I am worried by oedema particularly in my breasts (swollen & tender), abdomen and hands & feet. My hands ache in the morning particularly. Should I take diuretics? Reply:- Night sweats can indicate  the start of the menopause, but […]

Healthy snacks – healthy living -maintaining lower sugar levels

These snacks  are aimed to keep the hunger pangs at bay between well balanced  smaller portion meals,  maintaining steady sugar levels & providing you with  your 5 a day 1 Nuts and seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, 1-3 a day (flax seeds, on porridge or banana) Noted to help boost brainpower, stabilise your blood sugars, a […]