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Start of The menopause & vaginal dryness

Question :-A 45 yr old-  recent missed periods . I had no periods in November, 1 in December and none in January 2010, I have dryness when having sex, & slight hot flushes. Is this the start of Menopause, it dosen’t frighten me it will be a relief not to have periods again. What sort […]

Stopping HRT after 9 years

Question:- Would like to know how long to stay on HRT  have been on it since hysterectomy 9 years ago would like to stop it. Reply:- seek the  medical advice of  GP many factors determine the usage, and length of  time,  along with  your general health &  well being DO DOT stop on your own […]

Can I become pregnant in the menopause !

Question :-I started the menopause about a year ago, and I’m just wondering if it is possible 4 me 2 get pregnant.  I have 3 daughters in there 20’s. thank you Reply:- The answer is YES …. For at least two years after your last period precautions should be taken.

Skin cancer – check it out if your in the menopause,where you protected from your younger years !

There are concerns that women in the 50- 60’s  who took up the new trend to have holidays abroad, loved the sun, but didn’t cover up to protect themselves against the intense sun rays, getting that trendy  golden tan. It is the burns or over exposure that may now be showing themselves as skin blemishes, […]