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Women & Heart attacks – February National Heart Month

Women share the same risk factors as men, but it is known that three times as many women die of heart attacks than breast Cancer ! Obvious and talked about symptoms include – Tight chest pain with pain radiating down the LEFT arm, shortness of breath, feeling cold clammy & grey in colour Less obvious  […]

Heavy bleeding – Start of the menopause

Question :-I am 54 years old. I have had regular period up until this last one. 43 days passed and I thought maybe my periods had stopped. But I started to bleed and have not stopped for 12 days. Could it be the start of my menopause? I am more worried about the amount of […]

Diet – eat breakfast-keep your blood sugars steady.

Diet – eat breakfast,  keep your blood sugars steady. It is noted that if you skip breakfast you are more likely to either smoke, consume alchol and do very little exercise and be over weight. The key to being geneally healthy, but also wanting to loose weight, is to eat breakfast, which will set you […]