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Early menopause

Question:- I’m 35 years old and for approx 4 years I’ve been having really bad hormonal problems, my periods are now irregular and only last 2 days, I’m getting headaches and have really bad moods for at least 2 weeks a month when I’m irrational and tearful. My libido is GONE.  my quality of life […]

Dizzy spells

Question:-I am going through the menopause and suffer from dizzy spells is this normal ? Reply:- The body balance is altered in the menopause so it is important to have a good well balanced diet but also to have regular smaller meals to keep blood sugar levels steady, follow a low glycaemic diet .

How long dose menopause last?

Question:-How long dose menopause last? Reply:- The menopause has the precise meaning of  ‘The Final period’ so it can only be looked at retrospectively when you have NOT had a period for 12months although the symptoms may last up to 2 years

Joint and/or muscle pain during menopause

Question:-Going through menopause do you suffer from joint pains? Reply:-Yes the effect of the loss of oestrogen and deficient in collagen,causes  joints to become stiff & painful. Exercise is important, remain active, Ensure your diet has a good source of omega’s 3 6 9 found in fish & oil supplements