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Bioidentical hormone therapy. Tailored for YOU

Bioidentical  hormone therapy. Tailored for you After a series of blood tests, urine or saliva, which measures your hormones,  from these results a specialist doctor will guide the prescription of drugs tailor to suit YOU . This is called ‘compound prescribing’

Irregular Periods and Clotting

Question:-  I’m 47 and recently have had a period that lasted longer than usual, passing  lots of clots. A week after finishing I am having another period. I have been unusually tired as well. I assume this is the start of the menopause but wondered if there is anything I can take to stop this […]

Coping with the menopause /a need to to discuss

Changes that take place and sometimes take over our lives are different to every women. These first experiences can be overwhelming and frightening,  changes to us, as well as  have profound effects on our family too. Be up front, say that the next phase in your life has started and that you need support, explain […]