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Bioidentical hormones – what are they

Caution is urged in the use of Bioidentical hormones, Why the are called Natural hormones! and how do we get them. Diet -watching what we eat and our life style go a long way in making the menopause as natural as possible, in the USA they also have in the form of Natural bioidentical hormones, […]

The peri menopausal phase

Question:-Having had regular periods lasting about 5 days with normal bleed all of a sudden my period lasts about 14 days and is very very light starting again a fortnight later. I am approaching 50 and have started to have hot flushes, is my period problem normal. I have a coil fitted which was fitted […]

The start of Irregular Periods, sign of the menopause

Question:- I’m 47 and until a few years ago my periods were very regular (within a day or 2) they then became irregular   I went 50 days between periods  My doctor said I may be starting the menopause, but no hot flushes.Blood test did show higher hormone levels but as I started my period a […]

60 and still in the menopause !! having taken HRT

Question:-I am 60 years old and still suffering from hot flushes, mood swings, short temper, everything gets in my nerves, stress /anxiety attacks even when deciding which programme to watch I get anxious bad feeling in my chest and then followed with a hot flush.How long can this go on??? I started menopause at 52 […]

Seasonal Foods for May/The Best Of British !

This is the month for Asparagus and New potatoes  Asparagus, depending on the weather has its first picking  in  May when he spears are tender and succulent. Check out vegetables information How to prepare :-to bring out the true flavour roast in the oven with olive oil and cracked black pepper, Steamed, served with shavings […]