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Cauliflower:- you either like it or hate it-but it’s good for you

Cauliflower:- you either like it or hate it …  Is one of several vegetables in the species of the Brassicaceae, produced from seed this produces a large white headed vegetable, the part eaten but the outer green leaves should not be discarded, they add colour to a sometimes pale but versatile vegetable.   Cauliflower is very […]

Hormones. YOU are not alone

 Question:-I am 45  so emotional & at times,angry & hate everyone.  Christmas was terrible, due to my hormonal behaviour & emotional & sensitive state, I cry at the drop of a hat.& feel lonely.  People avoid me & to be honest I would avoid me. My 2 older sisters sailed through their menopause. They are […]

HRT alone is NOT a form of contraception

Question:-I’m now 50 and have had several breaks from HRT  I’m now on patches and I am having quite heavy periods, progesterone patches,  Am I through the change now and most importantly am I fertile? Reply:- Progesterone patches give the inconvenience of monthly bleeds, Side effects vary to the individual , weight gain fluid retention […]

February:- root vegetables are healthy and plentiful.

February is wet & cold,  not the most inspiring month, but comfort British vegetables are at their best.   Either for  mashing, roasting and soups, potatoes are an all rounders, along with  celeriac, swede parsnip and carrots. Healthy greens, called brassica’s, include sprouts, broccoli, savoy cabbage, this month is the time for excellent purple sprouting […]