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Bleeding patterns approching the menopause

Question:-I have just turned 50 and have had very regular periods since puberty. I have had three months with no bleeding and now have had another period which is continuing and into its 12th day. Is this anything to worry about? Reply:-Periods do become irregular at the time of the menopause, there are 3 types  […]


Question:-I have been taking tamoxifen for five years. I have only had 1 period at the start and wonder if my periods will come back once I stop taking the tablets. I am 43 years old Reply:-About 20% of women will have irregular periods on tamoxifen, but only a few stop their cycles entirely.Tamoxifen will […]

Finished the menopause !…RELAX …ENJOY

Question:- If I have had not had a period for over two years does that mean I am in the menopause or have I now finished it?  I AM 57 Reply:-Yes retrospectively, it is said that if you have not had a period or any bleeding that you have finished the menopause but symptoms of […]

Seek medical advice on irregular bleeding.

Question:- 43 years old but I have bleeding between my menstrual cycle but this month I had bleeding for one day and stopped and I’m having hot flushes mainly my feet are sweating and at night I have hot flushes and at night use toilet regularly lately Reply:-seek medical advice on irregular bleeding.

Period after years!

Question: I am 50 next year and have been going through the menopause for nearly 4 years,  about 6 days ago I have started a period which I have not had for nearly the 4 years, cramps headache all as before,is this normal,   Other than this I lead a good healthy life. Reply:-Keep a diary […]

Pregnacy in the Menopause/ HRT

Question:I am 43 on   TRETEMEN HRT, can I become pregnant ! Reply:- YES- although your fertility decreases during the menopause, it may still be possible for you to conceive. Therefore you should continue to use contraception,  for at least 2 years after your last period.

Husband, giving support & understanding

Question:-My wife is now 49, over the past  years she has become so dogmatic and intolerant of me and the three adult children. She makes the smallest of issue into a huge problem then tends to blame it on me. When we now argue she cant seem to understand or hear my side of things […]

Vaginal changes in the menopause.

Question:- I am 41 and have never had children. Since January 08 I have had 3 periods and keep getting hot flushes on and off. I assume that this is the start of the menopause. I am curious to know if it is normal to feel a bit depressed about the menopause. I never wanted […]

Flaxseed for healthy hair

Question:-I am 50 and now I find that my hair is thinning and receding slightly, is there any type of vitamin or supplement that will stop or reverse what’s happening? or will I end up looking like my mother Reply:-the change of oestrogen levels in the menopause changes the hair growth pattern, causing hair thinning […]

Getting Out of the Doldrums,

Question:-  at 48 things are now changing.  I can get a bit flushed at night but my main problem is a general feeling of muzziness most of the time…headaches, chests, throats and earache in particular…every couple of weeks or so coupled with tender breasts. ENT found nothing physical, allergies and intolerances have not been identified. […]

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