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Confirm the Menopause !

Question:-I am 48 years old, and have just missed a period, I have always been regular, but the past few years they have lasted longer than they used to. Just wondered do I just put it down to age and see what happens or should I get some tests done to confirm that I am […]

Vaginal dicharge CHECK it OUT

Question :-Hi, I am 47 and recently started experiencing peri-menopause. I do have a question about clear thin odourless vaginal discharge.  I too am having irregular periods. . Lately I noticed that Ive been releasing clear vaginal discharge before my actual heavy flow and after,  this discharge could happen any time of the day without […]

Early signs of the Start of the menopause

Question:-I’m 42 and 2 weeks ago I finished my period and today I started again.About a year ago I was getting night sweats but haven’t had them for quite awhile,I never used to get headaches but recently been getting some,are these pre menopausal symptoms? Reply:- Yes they may well be but seek medical advice & […]

Start of the menopause

Question:-I am 46 for the past 8 months when I finish my period which is getting heavier and now lasts the full 7 days , I have a discharge for up to 10 days sometimes with blood in, plus, I get hot flushes mostly at night time but not all night, could these be symptoms […]

Support/Reassurance/ Educate/ your man about the Menopause

Husbands or partner’s need some explanation to the changes that take place during the ‘Change of life’ or ‘Menopause’ How we feel, an explanation to mood swings,the  highs and lows, general changes that women experience. How we and they cope with these changes, needing a lot of support & understanding from both parties Some women […]

Middle age spread …

Question:-I  have constantly got headaches, I feel fat, emotional.   I cry, I HAVE A MIDDLE AGE SPREAD and I am only 36 years old.  Is this menopause Reply:- Do you still have regular periods? Check your life style, do you have time for relaxation and  exercise and a good diet. Seek medical advice for any […]

Change medication HRT

Question:-Hysterectomy at 37, now 55 – back on HRT after a break of 4years, eveoral 50 patches,  don’t sleep,  always warm and headaches weight gain weepy. This is after a year on tablets which did not work so is this the menopause, I just don’t know whether to come off altogether or ask for the […]

Is 36 to young for the Menopause !

Question:-I am 36 years old and just been told that I am going through the menopause, I have all the symptoms so it should have been obvious to me but I feel too young to be going through this. I am so tired all the time and don’t sleep at all at night. The hot […]

Keep a diary of hormonal changes

 Question:-I am 47 yrs old and have always had regular normal periods lasting 4 or5 days but my latest period has so far lasted 3 weeks and has not stopped yet, I do have a dull ache across my ovaries could this be the start of the menopause? Reply:- this may we be the start, […]

Zinc for a healthy skin,regual smaller meals to maintain blood sugars

 Question:-I’d like to know why I’m getting nausea, mostly in the evenings. Sometimes it gets so bad, I can not even think of food, as I feel as though I’m about to vomit at any moment, although this has yet to happen. I once felt this way when i was put on the pill years […]

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