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Discharge after menopause !

 Question:-I am 61 and had all my hot flushes, night sweats and moods years ago, but I don’t think I’ve finished the Menopause yet. I still have a discharge every month; it’s not blood but it can be stained. Reply:-Any unexplained discharge should be investigated Seek medical advice

Last period/end of the menopause !

 Question:-I’m 52  and  pre menopausal. I missed my last period and wondered if I can expect one any time or will wait for the next monthly cycle. Reply:- Keep a note of the last period, menstrual pattens vary between Abrupt ending, Gradual ending, or irregular bleeding, heavier or lighter The gradual ending is more common,  […]

Breast Tenderness

Question:-I am 42 and I have sore and tender breasts. My periods have become lighter but are regular. Could I be peri -menopausal Reply:- You could be, but check for any other symptoms too.  Breast discomfort  pre, during or after the menopause is partly due to fluctuating hormones, women experience abnormal amounts of sensitivity. Always […]

Contraception:-YES for 2 years from your last period.

Question:-I am aged 51 and I have not had a period for six months, do I still have to use protection when having sex, I was told by a friend that you have to be clear of a period for at least two years. Reply:- YES………. A form of contraception should be used for at […]

Investigate abnormal bleeding !

Question:-I am 49 years old and haven’t had a period for a year.I thought I had reached menopause as a couple of years ago. I had a blood test which determined that I was starting the menopause.Now I have had some bleeding but the discharge is a dark brown. Is this normal? Reply:-Seek medical advice […]

Check compatibility of medically perscibed drugs & natural remidies

Question:-Can you take the black cohosh tablets with epilepsy tablets Reply:-Always Seek medical advice from your GP/Consultant  to confirm compatibility of medically prescribed drugs and  Natural remedies

Exclude Wheat.

Question:-I have not had a period for a year now, and during that time I have gained ten pounds even though I have not been eating any more than usual. I am ready to change my eating habits, but I am getting conflicting information about what, for example, to eat for breakfast. Some friends have […]

Hormonal inbalance

Question:-I’m 40 and could swear I’m going through menopause. I have one ovary. I have joint and skin pain. I’m having a lot of head problems like headaches and numbness and tingling. My periods are down to one day a month. I can’t sleep at night and I wake up a lot sweating or am […]

HRT :- how long to be effective

Question:-I recently had a complete hysterectomy. I though I was going through menopause at the time, but now all the symptoms seem a lot worse. My ob-gyn put me on HRT therapy. I would like to know how long this medicine takes to help with the hot flashes and night sweats. I too have had […]

Core muscle exercise, abdomen & waist

Question:-I had a hysterectomy at 42 and within 6 months I have gained a lot of weight around my stomach. I look 9 months pregnant. What diet should I do and what are the best exercises to tone up? At the moment I am taking HRT Premarin. Reply: As long as you are fit & […]

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