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Question:-I have not had a period for over 2 years, then yesterday out of the blue,I started a period!is this normal,or should I seek medical advice Reply:-According to your age this may be a one off, but it would be advisable to seek medical advice,  as any irregular or unexplained bleeding requires  investigation .

Diet in the menopause

Question:-I am 45 yrs old, for the past year my m-cycle has been very light, only about three days in length really, with various other symptoms that I can recognize that tell me I am starting or still on my m-cycle. However, the past three months I have had none of these symptoms or any […]

Sex drive

Question:-I am just 47 years and have had just 1 period in the last 20 months (almost a year to the date of my last) As I haven’t gone a complete year without one is not ‘officially the menopause’. However, I get the symptoms, hot sweats, mood swings, memory loss etc. But my biggest problem […]

Exclude Poison foods.

Question:-I am 54 yrs. old and I think I am thru with the night sweats and mood swings however the vaginal itching never goes away. I have tried Monostat and Vagisil even a prescription from my Dr. but everything works in short spirits and the itching in and around the area continue. I have had […]

Shortness of breath/hormone inbalance

Question:-I have to disagree that this is not a symptom of menopause. I had been struggling with this very same symptom up until 4 days ago. It was very hard to describe – the only way I could describe it was the same as you -shortness of breath, but it really wasn’t. It was as […]

Irregular Periods

Question:-I have been having irregular periods, Had done all the test and the doctor says I am fine. could this be menopause. I have irregular period some months it is twice a month with bleeding heavy  some months I do not have any bleeding. Could you tell me is this a part of menopause. I […]

Diet after HRT

Question:-I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and was on HRT 3 months ago I came off my HRT but now experience all the systems mentioned re menopause especially weight gain and bloating, loss of libido, flushes tiredness. please advise Reply:-Check your diet,  Try to exclude wheat over the next month, smaller more frequent meals […]

Coil removal, contraception

Question :-I had a miverna coil fitted for 3 years, as I am now 51 and tests showed that I was menopausal, had the coil removed. I have since started having periods again, does this mean I am still ovulating. Is there any chance however small of a pregnancy?? Reply :- It is your body […]

Sense of smell

Question:- Is it normal during peri menopausal symptoms that my sense of smell is disrupted? Reply:-Our changing body during the menopause means that our senses change too. Sense of smell & taste nearly always diminish with age, smell accounts for at least  half of our taste,explains why our food seems to loose flavour.

HRT how long should itake it !

Question :-I wonder if anyone can help me.I’m 44 and was put through the menopause when I was 29, then had a complete hysterectomy .I’ve been on premerim 125mg. I look ten years older and feel it, if I knock myself it seems amplified and I bruise very easily I’m also very lethargic, worry about […]

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