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menopause symptoms/ allergies/ itching.

Question:-I would like to know if menopause symptoms include allergies and itching. For the past few months I get very bad allergies right before my menstruation, also, I have been suffering from a bad itch on my breasts I have been to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics and the itch is still there. I […]

Is this the start of the menopause !..night sweats ..short tempered

Question:-. I have recently had unbearable night sweats, short tempered and the most scary of all, incredible muscle lethargy and joint pain.. I am 48 years old and normally “never stop” so am finding this all very difficult. My diet is awful, (busy working mother) so think it could do with a big “tweak”. Do […]

Joint and/or muscle pain during menopause

Question:- Please advise if you have any answers to joint and/or muscle pain during menopause. I have been suffering with pain off and on and the doctors can’t seem to find any solutions,  I am wondering if this is related to menopause and looking for answers since medically no one can give me any. Reply:- […]

Foods of the Month – July

Having a good diet is essential for hormonal balance and there is no better way than to eat what is in season from around the country & your local farmers market. This months foods are:- Fruit– blueberries, a super food with the  highest antioxidant levels than any other fruit or vegetable, helping fight heart disease, cancer […]

Irregular bleeding

Question:- I am 56 never had any menopause symptoms but have now having very heavy bleeding. I have no cycle just every now and then blood gushes badly, then I’m fine, is anyone else the same as me…. please help. Reply:- Any heavy bleeding that is not within a regular cycle should be investigated………..Seek Medical […]