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Shortness of breath

Question:- I am 50 and have all of the normal symptoms. MY blood pressure is very normal to low sometimes. I have been having trouble getting a real good deep breath, almost seems like shortness of breath. Is this a symptom as well. I eat healthy and am not overweight. Reply:- This is not a […]

Pregnacy in the Menopause

Question:-I am 47. and have been suffering the menopause for the last one year. Can a woman be pregnant during the menopause ? What are the chances ? Reply:- As a precaution, a means of contraception should be used for at least 2 years following your last period, do not presume you are ‘safe’ because […]

Mirena coil

Question:-I have had the mirena coil fitted for 5 year and I am having it taken out but my mood swings and night sweats are still here will having another coil fitted help with this Reply:-Guidelines are set for the length of time one should have a coil fitted, your age and general health and […]

Spotting …Discharge.. during the Menopause

Question:- I have been going through the menopause for a few years, I havnt had a hot flush for at least 6 weeks, and not had a period for 15 months, a couple of weeks ago I had a slight pink discharge, and I woke up this morning to a period. what is going on […]

Healthy Skin

Question:-I’ve never had much trouble with my skin but at 50 I find I have breakouts of lots of small spots on my chin and area between mouth and nose.Any advice on specific skin care /supplements etc would be appreciated. I eat fairly well ! Not taking any medication. Reply:- Skin is dependant on a […]

Night sweats

Question :- I am 51 and have been suffering the menopause for a number of years. I particularly suffer from hot flushes and night sweats. HRT is out of the question because I have a family history of thrombosis and cancer. Can you recommend a product that may help or a well respected doctor who […]