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Itchy skin

Question:-I am experiencing a lot of itching, mostly at night. Area of my back and arms. It is very uncomfortable…skin was excessively dry and flaking on my stomach and breast for about a month..then I began applying olive oil, and increasing my intake of water…the flaking has cleared up, however every night the itching begins…I […]

Mood swings.

Question:- I am 35, have suffered from EpilepsyI have had an FHS test (not at the required time of the month) and a thyroid test and my GP says this is not the perimenopause, but he doesn’t know what it is.  The mood swings are getting worse. I have started treating myself with herbal remedies, […]

My sweet tooth craving

Question:-I am a vegetarian who exercises(runs 5 times a week) regularly and am currently peri menopausal and am being seized with a huge sweet tooth and have put on 1 stone in 9 months. Please advise what is happening and what I could do to manage my craving and thus regain control of my weight […]

Abdominal pain

Question:- I am 47 years old. I have this past year suffered some ill health. Have had fibro myalgia diagnosed, and arthritis in my hips. However, I have recently been experiencing some pain in my lower left abdomen, particularly when I cross my leg or move. I also have felt so rough with hot sweats, […]

Sleeplessness in menopausal women

Question:-How do I make myself sleep through the whole night going through menopause I am 46 and just got informed by the Dr that I have just started menopause Reply:- Sleeplessness in menopausal women is nearly always linked to night sweats Self help Keep bedroom temperatures down with plenty of ventilation creating a draft through […]