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Stress, everything is going wrong !

Question :-I’m 39 years old, been having mood swings , no sleep and feel as if everything is going wrong. I’m cracking up. don’t have a period as Ive got the marina coil in for heavy periods, hands are clammy sweating profusely, stressed,  do you think that it could be the menopause. Reply:- Stress, can […]

Bleeding through the month

Question:-I have just turned 46 and the doctor’s told me that I am going through menopause.  I am bleeding all the time but very lightly. I might get 2 days break per month. does anyone else have that problem? Reply:- Bleeding through  the month is not normal either before or during the menopause Ask for […]

Breast Discomfort -Mastalgia

Question:-I am 35 years old & had an hysterectomy when I was 27 I have still got my ovaries. Over the last month or so my breast have started to get larger & painful is this a sign of going through the menopause ? Reply:- women who experience breast tenderness, more than normal, is a […]

Increase in Facial hair

Question:-I have started to get unwanted hair on my chin is this because of a hormonal imbalance due to the menopause Reply:-Yes changes in body & facial hair occur as we get older and around the time of the menopause. This is due to oestrogen levels falling changing the body and hormone balance, sometimes when […]

Confidence in your GP/ stopping HRT

Question:-I am 46 had a hysterectomy at 41 total,was put on implant because of the symptoms not keen to continue but helps greatly with the overwhelming tiredness and unable to cope with everyday things any advice .  My GP doesn’t really want to listen Reply:- Always seek advice from those who subscribed your treatment if […]

Sage – Herb of the Month. Non Hormonal Approach

Sage is a silvery-green plant with fragrant leaves. The most common variety of sage was first found growing in regions around the Mediterranean but now grows in regions of North America as well. The Romans called it -herbs sacra- sacred herb, when the leaves served both medicinal and culinary purposes. Herbalists have used this herb […]