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Risk of Pregnancy

Question:- I am 51 haven’t had a period for 2 years, I am in a stable relationship is it possible to get pregnant if having unprotected sex Reply:- Yes it may be, It depends on your previous menstrual history, health & well being. It would be advisable to use some means of contraception for another […]

Itchy skin

Question-:  Itchy itchy skin is making my life hell…..I am 56 years old, no periods for 18 months I am really hot all the time not on     HRT thou too scared of side effects help me please regain my life Reply:-  Deterioration of the nerve ends in ageing skin can lead to itchiness called […]

Hysterectomy, Withdrawing HRT & Symptoms

Question-:  I had an hysterectomy 11 years ago and have been on HRT for the past 8 years. I have been absolutely brilliant on HRT but my GP advised coming off because of the length of time I have been on it – which I did 8 weeks ago. At first I wasn’t too bad […]

Healthy Eating for the Menopause, alternative to HRT

A New comprehensive book showing how diet can be the alternative to HRT including recipes from the food groups benificial during the menopause Special offer through Healthy Direct Click on Healthy Direct top of Main page