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Helping my friend

Question;-   My friends Dr told her this past week that she’s peri – menopausal..  talking to me about it I said you have been forgetting a lot and everyone will go though this… she said I’m being negative and now she’s mad. I need some help to deal with this. Reply –  Your friend […]

Irregular Bleeding

Question;- Should I get a period after 2 years without anything at all? Reply – This may occur and be your final period, but any further bleed needs investigation by you GP

Mum and the Menopause

Question;- I think my mum going through her change she always stressed & tired what is the best cure ? Reply :- You see the difference in Mum but she may be unaware how she is changing Talking to someone who is experiencing change themselves is helpful but closer to home is even better, by […]

The Endocrine system

Question :-How does menopause affect the endocrine glands? Reply The Endocrine system helps the co-ordination of body organs, operating as part of an integrated system. affecting all glands in the body, these in turn when hormone levels start to decline, affect how we feel and the start of the ageing process Every organ in the […]


New Year Resolution ! Choose something new, or approach an old problem in a new way. “Think through exactly what you will do, where you will do it, and at what time.” so simple goal setting helps you achieve more. Women might be reluctant to tell others about their resolutions, so benefit more from the […]