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Blood Group Diet

Question:- Can you please give me a list of the food that one can eat with a O blood group type? reply:-Peter D’Adamos Live Right 4 Your Type book has the correct diets for all blood types,available through Archive for July 2006

Question-: Are there any organisations carrying out research on the menopause and osteoarthritis in the uk that I might contact. reply-: The Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) PO Box 177 Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 7TQ Phone: 0870 850 5000

Question -:I am nearly 45 and i have always had regular periods every 25 to 28 days normally quite light and only lasting at the longest 4 days, 16 days after my last period i noticed a slight discharge which i presumed to be another period but it is very light that i do not […]