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Joint Care

Question-: I had a complete hysterectomy when i was twenty five due to big emergency ,have been on H,R,T since .Fourteen months ago i had a total thyroidectomy and have been left with constant low calcium , I am on huge amounts of calcium tablets and vit D , now i have really painful joints […]

Heavy periods

Question-: I think I’m going through the peri-menopause. I went to the Dr last week with really heavy periods (almost in tears which is most unlike me) and got perscribed Transemix (don’t think I’ve spelled it right) Acid Tablets. This seems to have eased the blood flow a little but only after making it worse […]

Prolonged bleeding

Question-: I am 48 and was late starting this period. (usually i have a regular 26-28 day cycle with heavy flow) This period have been really odd mostly more like spotting but with the odd slightly heavier day – my worry is that it has continued for 5 weeks – some bleeding every day – […]

How long do the symptoms of the menopause last?

Question-:How long do the symptoms of the menopause last? Reply -:   A difficult question Perimenopause -: this is the stage lasting several years on either side if your last  menstrual period, this is the time when you notice most physical changes, periods become irregular and hot flushes begin Menopause-: is your final period, identified retrospectively, […]

Lowering Cholesterol

Question-: As I have had burning feet and had a nasty fall which resulted in swollen ankle and knee I tested my cholesterol at home. It was high. This article has helped me to start lowering my weight and sorting myself out. I will go swimming today and start in on a low fat diet. […]

Skin & Weight problems

Question-: I am 25years old.I have had regular menstruation since it started in 1995 but since one year from now,it has been irregular.I have consulted many gynecologists however the only result i get is that it is due to hormonal imbalance.I’ve gained 10 kilograms in 1 year and I’ve had a lot of skin problems […]