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Period after 17 months !

Question:-  I have started the menopause and have not had a period since April 07, this morning 12/09/07 i have started a period my stomach is in so much pain  I could cry, how come this has happened after so long Reply:-  According to your age and what your periods where like prior to your […]

Fruit for Diabetics

Question:-Is mango good for diabetics and what are the fruits good for diabetics Reply:- Mango and  melons are high in sugar or Glycemic Index, therefore it is advisable not to eat frequently and in large amounts, but include in your daily 5 any of the following low GI  fruits include, apples pears peaches plums and […]

Changing medication

Question:- I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago ( ovaries intact however). During periods i would suffer badly from migraines and sickness, debilitatingly. Over the past 18 months my GP put me on hrt patches which were very effective. Now i am returning to the old cycle of migraines and incredible tiredness. I am aware […]

Pregnacy in the Menopause

Question:-I am 45. I am perimenopausal. My periods are infrequent. I want to know when or by what age would I not be able to have a child. Reply:-A very difficult question to answer As an individual there are so many factors to consider … Ovulation can be erratic, as early as the age of […]

? Early menopause

Question:-I had my first period when I was about 10 years old , now I am late 30’s and i am afraid i will have an early menopause and i don’t have any kids yet, so i am stressed because I am planning on getting pregnant. anyway, besides the pregnancy concern, is it possible for […]

Supplements …How many

Question:-Could someone help, please. For the last seven and a half years I have been taking HRT (oestrogen only). I decided, owing to the breast cancer risk, compounded by a close relative who has had the disease, to wean myself off of it. My doctor also agreed I should start thinking about coming off of […]

Symptoms after 2 years

Question:-I have’nt had a period for nearly two years i am still getting hot flushes and I’ve put on two stone in weight can you give me any advice please and how long can i expect the menopause to go on.thank you Reply :-Peri menopausal is the stage lasing several years either side of your […]

Under Active Thyroid Gland

Question:-Please help. I menopausal and also 2 years ago was told I have hypo-thryroidism. I have been putting on weight gradually over the last 4 years and although I go to the gym, walk dogs every day my weight has not shifted. Do you have any suggestions. I am very concerned about diabetes and heart […]

Menopausal symptoms

Question :-I have been having different periods lately. Sometimes they are very light and other times they seem not to want to stop (lasting several days longer). This month I started my period about a week and a half ago and it still has not stopped. It is very light, almost as the last days […]

HRT Medication

Question:- Following a full hysterectomy at age 43 I have been recommended to start estrogen only HRT in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ? Is there a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease following a hysterectomy? ? Does HRT help prevent cardiovascular disease? Reply:- There are risks to medication , […]

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