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Hot sweats after hysterectomy

Question:- I would like some advice. I had a total hysterectomy on the 18/06/07, i was left with one ovary, since the op i have had night sweats, but in the last week i have been experiencing sweats during the day & slight breast tenderness. Before i left hosiptal my hormone level was 11, I […]

General Fatigue, low blood sugars

Question:-    I am feeling really fatigued at the moment ,listless etc symptoms only of low blood sugar but this does not register on the monitor and generally not feeling myself. .I have been under a lot of stress for a while job etc and I have had a raft of tests from the doctor which […]

Weight gain – High Pregesterone & Cortisol levels

Question:- I’m 41 and have had a saliva hormone test. It came back saying that my pregesterone and cortisol levels were drastically high.I miss periods often but my concern is that I’ve gained 20 lbs and can”t seem to get it off . I exercise regular but nothing works. My doctor says that everything I […]

Last menstrual bleed

Question :-I have not had a bleed in over 12 months does this mean I am finished? Reply:- The menopause is your final menstrual period, only identified retrospectively, when you have not had a menstrual bleed for 12 months, it is advisable to continue with a form of contraception for up to 2 years

Prominent Heberden’s node

Question:- It is over a year now since a prominent Heberden’s node has appeared on the joint nearest my fingernail on my left index finger. It appears to run a cycle: swelling with inflammation which eventually gives way to releasing a thick fluid and leaving an open ‘wound’ of up to 5mm which slowly heals […]

Breast Discomfort

Question:-I am post menopausal and have had very sore breasts for almost 10 weeks now. I am not pregnant and have also had 2 episodes of post menopausal bleeds in the last 3 years (over 12 months apart). Reply:-Breast discomfort during or after the menopause is partly due still to fluctuating hormones, many women experience […]