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Heavy periods and weight gain

Question-:I’m 35 and found out that I was pre menopausal just after my 30 th birthday. Once I came of the pill and was sterilized my symptoms eased up a little. For the past 6 months my periods are closer together about 26 days and are heavier, I can no longer use Tampax. I’ve had […]

Painful intercourse and dryness

Question :-I am 55years old & I am experiencing vaginal dryness to such an extent intercourse is so painful, I make any excuse which is not like me I thought I had Thrush but my Dr’s says this is normal and recommended use of a jelly… have you any other advice, she recommended your site […]

Menopausal Night sweats

Question-: I am suffering with really bad day and night sweating change my nightclothes 2-3 a night I work full time and it is so embarrassing constantly mopping my face and neck I have just changed from tamoxifin to arimidex for breast cancer I had Feb 2004 so cannot take anything that mimics oestrogen can […]

Fruit -Bananas

Question -: I was looking up bananas because I have pains in both my feet which are severe and when I have a banana a day it helps take the pain away. I found this out as I was eating bananas every day and I had little pain and then one time I stopped the […]