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Tender breast essential that you have the mammogram,

Question:- I am having a similar problem. I’m 57, no cycle for about 18 months but know that I have ovulated this month and have had very sore breasts for a fortnight. This happened once before. My main worry is how long it will go on for – I am due my regular mammogram anytime […]

Increased appetite around menopause?

Question:- Is the increase in appetite usual around the time of menopause? Is irregular menstrual bleeding usual also? and is fatigue a common symptom? Reply:- Yes, there generally is an increase in symptoms, check that your diet is well balanced, plenty of exercise & check out supplements as these are important to correct and maintain […]

evoral 50 medication reduced

Question:- I have been on evoral 50 and have cut down to 25.I now feel awful tired and every bone in my body hurts should I go back to a 50 patch . Reply:- Any medication should only be reduced after consultation with your GP It may be that you have reduced by too much […]

Hysterectomy, but my ovaries where left

Question:- had a hysterectomy about 10 yrs ago but my ovaries where left however, I am coming into my 50th yr and I want to know if I could be going through my change I am very tired all the time have joint pains and i cannot sleep for which I am on sleeping tablets […]

Contraception during and after the menopause

Question:- hi, my question is i have not had a period in little over a year can i still get pregnant? need to no i am worried Reply:- Although the menopause signals the end of fertility a method of contraception should be used for at least 2 years after your last menstrual period, a date […]

Under 35yrs old, going through the menopause

Question:- Hi I am 33yrs old and am going through the menopause and find it extremely difficult to not gain weight!,i was always about 11 stone or less,then within the last couple of years I became 13 stone and feel like a whale! HELP Reply :- You do not say, but it is important that […]

Weight gain during and after the Menopause

Question:- Help! I am 56 and had my last period last May and they were quite erratic before that for over 2 years. I am, however, putting on weight, especially around my middle and lack energy. Any advice on how to cope with the weight as I cannot fit into many of my clothes and […]

Smoking, an earlier menopause

Question :- I have noticed that I’m putting on weight, and have mild depression but particularly I notice my breasts are constantly painful. I’ve also missed two periods. I’ve recently given up smoking, but chew off the shelf nicotine gum. Reply:- Well done on the non smoking It is thought that Smoker’s experience an earlier […]

Discharge instead of a period

Question :- I am 51 and having irregular periods – not heavy or a problem. I am also having hot flushes that seem to be running into each other. I am also experiencing a yellow/green discharge instead of a normal period. Is this normal? I have not been sexually active for 7 years and before […]

At 39 am I starting the menopause

Question :- I’m 39 wondering whether I am starting the menopause constantly suffer with mood swings, temper, floods of tears, unable to sit for long periods and concentrate feel constantly weepy and on edge, feel unable to cope with the day to tasks of ordinary life. Yet other days seem to behave quite normally. What […]