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Natural HRT Supplements

Every women has an option, getting natural hormones from your diet and supplements, or Hormone Replacement Therapy ( HRT) by prescription. Herbs can be taken as one, or as combination, and are effective in addressing both physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause in particular. It is important to find the treatment that works best […]

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for Menopause

Vitamins and Minerals are naturally occurring substances essential to life, obtained by eating a wide variety of foods in a well balanced diet , however sometimes the lack of, affects absorption and function of others leaving imbalance Balance plays an important role when hormones levels start to drop, combined with the ageing process, a daily […]

Blood Group Diet

I have been following this type of diet almost 10 years and advise all my friends. Now, I am in France and trying to introduce your diet (better to say -life style) to my friends here in France. Thank you Dr. Adamo! Long Live to you! Reply:- The Blood Group Diet has become a fast […]

Period Pains In the Menopause

Question:- can you still get period pains when in menopause  reply :- If menstruation has ceased or become irregular monitor your symptoms, keeping a diary to see if they have a regular pattern it may be that the oestrogen levels have dropped but still causing general  imbalance Define if they are period like pains or […]

Heberdens node a sign of oesteoarthritis

Question : I have one very prominent Heberden’s node on the tip of my index finger. Is there any way this can be removed ? reply : Treatment may not be necessary for osteoarthritis of the hands with minimal or no symptoms, treatment might include pain and antiinflammatory medications, with or without food supplements, such […]


Question: How would I be able to find an NHS Endocrinologist in the Surrey / South London area?. Many thanks and kind regards, Reply: Dr John C Stevenson is a London Teaching Hospital Consultant specialising in Metabolic Medicine and Endocrinology. You can write or contact Dr Stevenson as shown below: Royal Brompton Hospital Sydney Street […]

Taking HRT 2 years now getting tearful

Question I have been taking HRT ( femoston )for the last two years and over the last few months I have become very tearful at times is there anything else I can do or take to stop feeling like this. I am 50 years old Reply Each individual women will respond to the many different […]

48 years old and have not had a period for at least six months

Question: I am 48 years old and have not had a period for at least six months. I have never suffered any menopause symptoms but have been through a lot of stress lately. I had a smear recently and told the nurse that I had not had period for at least six months. I was […]

I think i’m starting the menopause

Comment: i’m 42, I think i’m starting the menopause, as after 25 yrs of regular periods, i’ve now started skipping the occasional month,i feel so touchy all the time,have mood swings, feel really frightened by the knowledge that i’m getting old,even thougth i’ve had a tough life at times, i’ve never suffered depression, but now […]

What age can you start the menopause?

Question: Could you tell me what age you can start the menopause I am 44 aslo, I have had the following and would like to know if this may be the start of the menopause: Feeling shakey and frightened, scared, emotional, headaches, tired, periods start earlie then late, panicky, hot at night some times, tense. […]

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