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Is this the start of menopause?

Question: I am 43 constantly tired, period pains, irregular periods,unable to control my moods, please tell me could this be the start of the menopause? Answer: It is too soon to tell, a lot of women experience these symptoms, hot flushes are the best indicator that the perimenopause is starting , but rising levels of […]

Diet in the menopause

Question: I am 56, about five/six years ago I ended up seeing a Nutritionalist after trying to find out why I regularly had such awful headaches and vomiting. She put me on a diet free from wheat, dairy etc. the usual and I felt terrific. Since then I find I get symptoms and just can’t […]

No cycle in 3 years but sore breasts

Question: My breast have become sore as if I am ovulating. I have not had a cycle for over 3 yrs. Is this a result of some hormonal chages due to menopuase? Answer: Breast discomfort during or after the menopause is partley due still to fluctuating hormones,many women experiance abnormal amounts of sensitivity, Diet plays […]


Melons come in various shapes and sizes, there seasons vary,but are normally available year round from Costa Rica and Spain to Morocco. An easy and convenient fruit, largely comprising of water, it is an excellent quick snack, starter or dessert, especially for those watching their calorie intake. A variety of dishes can be served according […]


Asparagus has been eaten as a vegetable for thousands of years. The earliest cultivation was by the Greeks and Romans around 200BC. Widely regarded as the most delicious of all vegetables, with both a soft and crunchy textures giving subtle and distinctive flavours. It was thought that asparagus was an expensive luxury vegetable, today it […]

Menopause Links

The British Menopause Society The International Menopause Society The North American Menopause Society Australasian Menopause Society Yorkshire Menopause Group

Hormonal Change

Hormonal change starts at puberty evolving to womanhood in regular monthly cycles of ovulation and menstruation. Childbearing may interrupt this process, pregnancy and lactation are normal phrases progressing to: Pre-menopausal. This is a time of irregular ovulation and monthly menstruation; when many natural and normal body changes will take place, this may last for five […]


Although a fruit and not a vegetable, the tomato is often classified this way. An excellent source of vitamins A and C, the uncooked fruit is a good source of vitamin E. The tomato is an antioxidant and has a high mineral content, containing potassium, calcium and other trace elements. Tomatoes are low in calories, […]