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Broccoli has become popular nutritional vegetable in the last few years. Available throughout the year, it is an excellent vegetable containing a large profile of vitamins & minerals and is ideal for the modern woman of today, especially at the time of hormonal change. Colorful and easy to cook broccoli is available as heads, purple […]


Carrots are one of the best known and loved root vegetables. Orange in colour they originally came from Holland, where white and purple ones where also available, these are rare today. A versatile inexpensive year round vegetable, that has different flavours depending on how they are cooked. Young season carrots are sweet with an intense […]

New Year’s Menopause Resolutions

How are your new Years Resolutions! Fallen by the wayside already? Monitor your health with your own perosonal planner for the new year. Make it a year to be active and positive in a continuously monthly appraisal of your health and lifestyle. This will prove to be the most important and beneficial new year’s resolution […]