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The Herbal Approach

Modern day herbalism aims to correct and strengthen the natural bodily functions in healing itself – over the centuries herbal remedies have been handed down through generations, and since the 60s, it has had a renewed popularity and a favourable comparison to drugs of today. Research projects are confirming their true value.Herbal medicines are based […]

Seasonal wishes

It is known that during the winter months many people are more susceptible to generally feeling under par and being prone to viruses, colds and flu. The erratic change in daily climate, lack of sunshine, and reduced activity may lead to a diminished immune system. The immune system needs to be in tiptop condition to […]

The Endocrine System

The Human body needs more than 50 hormones daily, these are chemicals present in small amounts that transport messages from one part of the body to another, they are produced in specialised glands called the Endocrine glands. They consist of The pituitary, the thyroid and parathyroid, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, and ovaries. The hormones […]

Staying well for Winter

The Immune system plays a vital role at this time of year; a boost may help to fight colds and flu whilst avoiding viruses. Supplementation to our diet may be the answer, as well as having a healthy and well balanced diet. Staying well for Winter Dark long nights and cold do not help fight […]