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Menopause Diet

Diet for a good life should aim to give you maximal hormonal health. The basis of your diet should be plenty of complex carbohydrates; moderate amount of protein, sufficient essential fats, minimum saturated fats and plenty of water. Diet is very important during menopause, to have your dietary needs personally looked at please call post […]


Oranges are the one of the most popular citrus fruits available today. It comes ready packaged to protect the juicy flesh, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are high in vitamin C which is essential to the health of our immune system, strengthening the action of the white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria […]


Garlic like the onion, shallot, chives and leeks belong to the Allium group of vegetables, which produce sulphur containing compounds that give the distinctive aroma and flavour. Medicinally it is thought these compounds may protect the body in many ways : Boosting the immune system Protection against cancer cells Antibiotic and antifungal properties Aiding circulation […]

Menopause Books

There are so many books on the menopause and diets that we thought we should mention some that we recommend. By clicking on the image of the book you can purchase the book online.Menopause: The Complete Guide to Maintaining Health and Well-being and Managing Your Life – Dr. Miriam Stoppard An illustrated A to Z […]

Hormones during Menopause

The menstrual cycle of 28 days functions on two very basic and necessary hormones. Oestrogen and Progesterone. Oestrogen in the first phase of 14 days and Progesterone in the second phase.   Oestrogen is responsible for the changes from puberty to the menopause and in the growth of the sexual organs.It prepares the lining to […]