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The Banana is one of the most popular fruits, ideal for any age group.They are natural no fuss, sealed in their own wrapper providing a versitile fruit for a snack, dessert, cooking or for blending into nutritional milk shakes. Delicate and easily damaged, there are various varieties now available; Cavendish is the most popular, Apple […]

Herbal Teas

Tea has been drunk for over 50,000 years and ancient Chinese legend has said tea was first brewed from a wild tea plant and was not only found to be refreshing but healthy too. One of the most popular ways of using herbs is by infusion. Tea contains antioxidants, these help protect us against the […]

The Balancing Act & Alternatives

A well balanced hormonal system is vital, but at the start of the menopause this balance undergoes many changes. The balance is orchestrated from the Endocrine system – containing many different glands, each one having its own function in the distribution of chemicals and hormones around the body to perform important roles, – too little […]

Atkins Diet

Dr Robert C. Atkins, an American, has since the early sixties developed a diet and nutrition plan which advocates that the restricted consumption of carbohydrates, with an unlimited amount of protein in the daily diet, combined with nutritional supplements allows the body to burn stored fat. Dr Robert C. Atkins Dr Atkins believes regular Insulin […]