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Summer Fruits

Strawberries The strawberry plant is part of the rose family and was first cultivated for food during the 13th century when they where used as a beauty treatment by the rich, being crushed in abundance and used for facials and bathing. Available throughout the year from Europe and the States, but in England traditionally available […]

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A Menopausal Summer

A GUIDE TO A HAPPY HEALTHY COOL SUMMER Its not all hot flush’s, sweat and tears, now is the time to make the most of balancing your systems with an exciting array of fresh salads, summer fruits, sunshine, and holidays. A time for a well earned rest, relaxation, from the stress of every day life. […]


The avocado pear is a New World fruit native to Mexico, but now popular with fruit growers in California, South Africa and Australia, it is now available world wide. A stoned creamy textured fruit with a pleasant flavour is a available in 4 varieties: The Hass, has a small purple knobbly skin and a pale […]