Sex drive

Question:-I am just 47 years and have had just 1 period in the last 20 months (almost a year to the date of my last) As I haven’t gone a complete year without one is not ‘officially the menopause’. However, I get the symptoms, hot sweats, mood swings, memory loss etc. But my biggest problem is complete lost of sex drive, leading my husband to believe I could be having an affair! When we do have sex it is extremely uncomfortable.  Any advice how I can get my sex drive back?

Reply:-You are not alone.  Many women experience lack of sex drive and discomfort. Firstly communication is important, talk about how you are feeling, and about the changes that are taking place,  why you have the dryness & lack of desire.  Read about the menopause,  leaving  the book on view for your husband to see, so that he Knows you are trying to be more informative for him.  Relaxation, massage, the power of touch are also important. Reminisce of the younger days of the good times, and planning  even better times to come.

Lubrication, women should use this daily to keep the vagina moist, not just for love making, be in touch with your body,

Check your otherwise fit, eat a  healthy diet is rich in Zinc, minerals are important,  fish , herrings oysters sea foods and  sardines.  Seeds and nuts are also a good source of zinc and omega oilswhich aid lubrication.

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